Two women introducing two dogs at home

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Home with Other Dogs?

When you have decided to welcome another dog to your family, it is high time for you to plan a perfect plan to introduce a new dog to your home with other dogs. We all know that dogs live socializing with people, and they love the company of other dogs.

Introducing a new dog to your family is a bit tricky. The first impression matters a lot, especially if the resident dog is the only animal that asks for your attention. Here are some of the few tips for introducing a new dog to your family:

How to Introduce a New Dog To Your Family? 

Before you bring a new dog or puppy to your home, make a proper plan for it so that you can create a good impression. The plan may include various things such as bones, food bowls, toys, and beds. You should make sure that a new dog has a separate area for all its items.

Even if your pet has never been so possessive before, it is best to be a bit cautious and should avoid letting dogs fight over food or toys. Clutter should be avoided. If you place your dog in a congested area, it may trigger aggression in them. Make sure you create a separate space for dogs until they get used to each other. 

What Things To Do During An Initial Meeting? 

For planning your dog’s meeting, take help from your friends or family members so that someone must pay attention to each dog. The meeting must take place in a neutral environment, just like a park.

You should avoid introducing your dog in the house or in the yard. Open areas are considered the ideal place for such meetings as in an open place, dogs can see many interesting things around, and it helps keep dogs distracted. 

Check out this step-by-step guide for planning the first meeting:

  • You should go to the meeting spot with your new furry friend separately and not with other dogs.
  • You must try to bring dogs together and greet each other the way they want. 
  • The dogs may circle, sniff, play, or urinate during the meeting. You should let them do whatever they want. It will help them establish a relationship with other dogs. 
  • If you find that your dogs are fighting with others, you should intervene. Don’t pull by their leash. It will harm them. 
  • Once the initial introduction period is over, you can go for a short walk with them. 
  • You can make a plan to make your yard a safe place for playing with your dogs. You can choose to install an invisible dog fence to make a border line around your property and make the yard a safe place for playing. 

After following all these steps, if you find that it goes well with your dogs, it means you have succeeded in your plan. 

Important Advice to Follow for Bringing Your New Furry Friend Home

After the completion of a successful introduction with your other dogs, you should bring your new dog to the home, where they will start spending time with other dogs and enjoy playing. To do this, you can start with a neutral location. Walk home with your furry friends and act in such a way that nothing has changed. Let them hang around in your yard.

If you find that your dogs are going well in the yard as well as in the park, allow them to be off-leash. Let them explore your house, and the resident dogs show their friendly manners to other dogs. Try to remove other pets’ leashes as well. If you find that your other dogs are showing rude behavior to your new furry friend, keep them separated for some time. 

What Things To Do During the First Week of Bringing a New Furry Friend to Your Home? 

You should always try to keep a normal daily routine. When it is mealtime, feed your dogs the way you usually do. Keep your regular playtime schedule and walk as normal as possible. Try to feed your new furry friend in a separate area. Make sure that all your dogs get equal attention, love, and care from you. 

You should keep an eye on your dogs’ interactions for the first week. Once they get fully accustomed to each other, you don’t need to keep a watch on their behavior. You should avoid leaving your dogs alone for the first two weeks or until they become familiar. 

You should prevent such situations that may lead to conflicts, such as fighting over the same toys or food. If you find that your dogs are showing these signs like snapping, growling, back-hunching, showing teeth, etc, you should separate the dogs to avoid conflict.

 You should give them some time. Over time, your dogs will become best buddies. If you want, you can take the help of a professional trainer who will train your dog and make them learn good behavior. 


Introducing a new pet to your family is truly an exciting feeling. Hopefully, following these above-mentioned tips will make your task easier.

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash.